Italian Cookery Course in Emilia Romagna

Come and learn to cook italian dishes in the kitchens of the  Al Ciocco Hotel and Restaurant, Farneta with the award-winning chef, Gabriella Costi

While the emphasis is on locally sourced, traditional ingredients and recipes, these are taught in a modern, knowledable and fun way

Our course offers a mix of cookery lessons with informative visits to local producers and traders of some of the best  ingredients Italy has to offer. 
There’s culture, art and history too!

For example, spend a week with us and we will take you to see how the giant yellow wheels of Parmesan cheese are produced, explain the slow careful process of ageing Balsamic vinegar at an award-winning producer,hear about the joyful fermentation of Lambrusco at a Cantina, visit a local producer who will detail the painstaking process of harvesting saffron.  Shop at the local weekly market to buy fresh produce, then cook it for your next meal.
Learn about the fascinating history of the surrounding area from medieval times to the present day.An afternoon of wine appreciation will introduce you to new and different varieties and styles of grape.For a complete contrast, visit the Ferrari museum and then eat at an Osteria in nearby Modena with its World Heritage Site Piazza.These are just a few examples of the many experiences on offer, while you learn how to cook Italian-style! 

About us

The Al Ciocco Hotel, Farneta, is a family-run hotel, located in the Commune of Montefiorino, in the rural tranquility of the Appenine Mountains. Modena, the provincial capital, is home to the famous Balsamic Vinegar (the so-called 'Black Gold'). Our Region amongst other things, produces Parmeggiano Reggiano (Parmesan cheese), Parma Ham, seasonal black and white truffles, chestnuts, and that most expensive of ingredients, saffron. Award-winning rosè and red Lambrusco wine, full-bodied Sangiovese reds, sparkling white Pignoletto and Malvasia are but a few of the wonderful wines grown and produced here. 

Gabriella (fourth from right) is the Head Chef of the Emilia Romagna Team, which recently added a Gold and Silver award to their already impressive list, attained at the Culinary World Cup, held in Luxembourg, November 2014